Middle School Technology Lessonsms tech
During the 2006-07 school year, middle school teachers created lesson plans featuring the following technologies:
  • Inspiration
  • PhotoStory
  • CPS
  • Zoomerang
  • Excel
  • Webquests
  • Online Learning Tools
  • United Streaming
  • Digital Video

Lesson Plan Title Subject Grade Additional Resources
Fraction - Decimals - Percents Math 6
Planet Story Science 6
Fresh Water Science 6
Zoomerang Survey Science 6
Verb Review Language Arts 6
Figurative Language Language Arts 6
Achieve 3000 Lesson Language Arts 6
Grammar Review Language Arts 6
Medieval Times Social Studies, Language Arts 6
Renaissance Review Social Studies 6
Pantomime Fairy Tales Drama/Theatre 6
Artists and Their Works Art 6/7
Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad Social Studies 7
Southeast Asia Social Studies 7
Continents Adrift Science 7
Observations and Collecting Data Using the Scientific Method Science 7
Plate Tectonics Science 7
PSSA Reading Comprehension Reading 7
Accelerated Reading Survey Reading 7
Introduction to the Newspaper Language Arts 7
Evaluating Effective and Faulty Methods of Persuasion Language Arts 7

Class Survey Math 7
Geometry for Breakfast Math 7
Credit Card Project Math 7

Project Rubric

Proportions - Percent Project

Credit Card Project 1 (Excel)

Credit Card Project 2 (Excel)

Credit Card Project 3 (Excel)

Credit Card Project 4(Excel)

Researching Disease in Africa Social Studies 7 Excel Template
Digital Imaging Using PhotoStory Technology 7
Spanish Culture World Languages 8
Comparing Schools World Languages 8
Publisher Survey Technology 8

Clay Animation Technology 8
Diary of Anne Frank Language Arts 8

Stewardship of the Land Language Arts 8 CPS Survey
Reading for Pleasure Language Arts/ Reading 8
Pre and Post Mock Trial Series Language Arts 8

Career Research Guidance 8
Wellness Continuum Health 6-8

Wellness Continuum Unit (Day 1)

Wellness Continuum Graph Analysis

Wellness Continuum (Writing Project)

Using CPS for Data Collection and Assessment General 6-8