• Resources for Families



    This is a national resource for ADHD that provides information for parents and teachers.  It also is a resource for adults.



    The ADD Resource Center offers services and information for and about people with ADHD and the people who live or work with them. They provide creative, collaborative and compassionate solutions that will help change your life!



    Clinicians have always understood hyperactivity and impulsivity. The understanding of inattention, though, has shifted from primarily “the inability to stay on task” to a broader concept called executive function disorder (EFD), which involves a pattern of chronic difficulties in executing daily tasks. Read for an overall understanding of how this effects students. 



    Has many resources for homework help, time management etc.  Great family friendly articles that can make life simpler.



    This website explains some apps that will assist your child in finding strategies to help them overcome executive function deficits.  Great for the older learners.



    This math site has videos that explain the math problem to the students as they solve the problem. 



    A helpful website for families and teachers working with students who have learning disabilities.



    Video explaining Executive Functioning Disorder



    Great website for understanding and providing resources for students with ADHD



    This website has a section of annotated versions of all special education forms.  It also has sections explaining various disabilities, a parent section, transition resources etc.

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