• Please click here for link to Classroom Birthday Basket Form for Grades K-6


    What is Included in a Birthday Basket?
    - A birthday certificate for your child's birthday
    - One snack & one drink/sorbet, selected by you, for each student in the class
    - One small novelty item (pencil, eraser, sticker, etc) for each student in the class
    How much does a Birthday Basket cost?
    The cost of the basket is $1.50 per student.  You will need to contact your child's teacher to get the exact enrollment count for the class.
    How are allergy concerns addresses?
    - Snacks offered in the basket are peanut free and are safe for children with peanut/nut allergies. 
    - The food service staff works the the school nurse & teachers to determine if any other special dietary needs exist in the classroom.
    - If necessary, the food service staff will contact you if any substitutions need to be made.
    How does my child receive the birthday basket?
    The birthday basket will be delivered directly to your child's classroom on the date you specify and at a time agreed upon with the teacher.  If we are not able to deliver on the date you specified you will be contacted by email or phone call to pick an alternate date.  (Order forms & Payment are required one week prior to the delivery date.)
    How do I order a birthday basket?
    - One weeks notice is required for all birthday baskets.  Birthday baskets cannot be delivered on early dismissal days.
    - Send a completed order form (see below) along with payment to your child's school cafeteria.
    - Only prepaid orders can be filled and delivered so please be sure to include a check with your order form.
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