• Student Assistance Programs 

    The mission of the Nazareth Area School District Student Assistance Program is to work collaboratively in a trusting environment to remove barriers to student success.


    The Commonwealth's Student Assistance Program is designed to assist school personnel to identify issues, including alcohol, drugs, and others which pose a barrier to students' learning and school success. Student assistance is not a treatment program. It is a systematic process using effective and accountable professional techniques to mobilize school resources to remove the barriers to learning. Where the problem is beyond the scope of the school, the team will provide the parent and the student with information so they can access services within the community.

    The Student Assistance team members do not diagnose, treat, or refer for treatment; but they may refer for an assessment for treatment. It is the parent's right to be involved in the process and to have full access to all school records under applicable state and federal laws and regulations. Involvement of parents in all phases of the student assistance program underscores the parent's role and responsibility in the decision-making process affecting their children's education and is the key to the successful resolution of problems.

    Professional training for team members in all phases of the Student Assistance process is consistent with state guidelines and conducted by a trainer approved by the Department of Education, Health, and Public Welfare. This training is required to ensure the appropriateness of the recommended services, effective interagency collaboration, and compliance with state and federal laws protecting the privacy rights of parents and students. The rigorous preparation of team members, which results in a certificate from the approved training provider, ensures the board of school directors and school administrators that training is consistent with accountable standards and appropriate professional procedures.

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