Carry-on Guidelines

    (Items carried onto buses)


    At no time are carry-on items to extend into the aisle, be packed higher than a seat back, be packed in a fashion that will allow the item to become a projectile, or cause damage to the bus in any way.


    Forbidden Items:


    1. Any firearms, flammable liquids, or any other weapons or explosives
    2. Any pets, animals, or any other living creature
    3. Any pointed items unless carried in a closed container
    4. Any school project that cannot be held in a student’s lap
    5. Any large musical instruments (tuba, baritone and tenor saxophones, French horn, cello, guitar, drums)
    6. Lacrosse sticks
    7. Extra-large athletic bags including catcher’s equipment bags and goalie bags
    8. Golf bags
    9. Skateboards/skis/snowboards
    10. Glass containers, bottles, balloons, or fragile items
    11. Visible cell phones
    12. Any other items not mentioned above that, after inspection, are deemed inappropriate for safety reasons


    Appropriate Items (if not stored on student’s lap, student must be seated by window not blocking an exit and item must be against the window in an upright position)
    1. Musical instruments (exceptions noted above)
    2. Athletic equipment bags (exceptions noted above)
    3. Athletic equipment including field hockey sticks (all athletic equipment should be transported in an equipment bag – for example, baseball bats, field hockey sticks, etc.)
    4. Personal headphones
    5. Student projects (held on student's lap)   


    Important Note to Guidelines: 

    The ability of the student to maneuver to exit the bus in various situations may be determined by ridership, age of the child, and items the student carries.  For example, a third grade student with a large backpack may create an unsafe situation if one of the above items were carried on the bus in addition to the backpack.  Therefore, for elementary students, the above guidelines are based on the individual situation and subject to change.