• School Board Goals 2023-2024


    Goal 1 - Academic Achievement/Education 


    The Board of Education recognizes that there are different levels of readiness and needs among students. Teachers must tailor learning experiences to the needs of individual learners in order to challenge and support all students in the pursuit of their highest levels of academic achievement. Therefore, the district will use data-driven practices to plan for and implement with fidelity evidence-based instructional practices and train staff to effectively meet learner needs to reach high levels of academic achievement. 


    Goal 2 - Financial


    The Board of Education will maintain sound fiscal stewardship of financial resources consistent with board policies through transparent operations, shared accountability, and best-practice procedures. The budget will provide opportunities for academic resources, support, and services for students to promote the growth and development of educational and extra-curricular programs.            


    Goal 3 - Operations/Facilities


    The Board of Education will provide facilities that enable, inspire, and empower success, that are safe, secure, and inviting, and that meet the diverse needs of all students, staff, and the broader community. Annually, the district will review its long-term facilities plan and implement a long-range financial plan to ensure financial strength and extended facilities life. 


    Goal 4 - Human Resources


    The Board of Education would like to attract and retain high-quality staff by offering competitive compensation, recognizing excellence in performance, and fostering great working conditions. The Board is committed to creating a positive, equitable environment that is warm and welcoming where all students and staff feel supported, safe, heard, respected, and engaged.