• Curriculum and Instruction 

    The Nazareth Area School District is committed to providing our students with a rigorous curriculum, which utilizes high quality instructional resources.  Our curriculum is aligned to Pennsylvania Academic Standards and is reviewed using an ongoing curriculum review cycle. 

    As part of the curriculum cycle, teachers, specialists, and administrators develop and revise the curriculum, mapping it to ensure that it is aligned with the PA State Academic Standards and District expectations. Instructional units and common assessments are designed and reviewed by teams of teachers, utilizing the Understanding by Design approach to design and develop the instructional units.  

    The development process involves three stages:
    Stage One: Identify desired results through an examination of State standards and District expectations.
    Stage Two: Determine acceptable evidence through the use of common assessments.
    Stage Three: Plan Learning experiences and instruction, including the development of pacing guides and supplemental resources.


    The Nazareth Area School District’s goals for our curriculum and instruction program are:
    GOAL #1:  Students will demonstrate improved knowledge and skills in Mathematics, ELA, and Science:
                    A.  Grades 4-12 students will show growth in performance on state assessed areas
                    B.  Grade K-3, 11-12 students will show growth on norm or criterion referenced assessments

    GOAL #2:  The District will develop and implement a process for curriculum evaluation that would reflect current educational changes and assessment requirements and demands and analyze the effectiveness of curriculum through a 5 year process of continuous design, development and review

    GOAL #3:  Professional staff will demonstrate improved skills and competencies in their respective fields by participating in professional growth opportunities and implementing key strategies that improve student learning.

    GOAL #4:  The District will expand technology based professional development and increase teacher participation in these opportunities to improve the delivery of classroom instruction as measured by the Teacher Effectiveness Framework.