• New Teacher Induction Program (TIP)


    Teacher Induction 2011 


    Goals of the NASD Teacher Induction Program (TIP)


    The goals of the Nazareth Area School District Teacher Induction Program (TIP) are to provide each inductee with a general orientation to the Nazareth Area School District and to increase his/her knowledge and improve his/her teaching skills.


    The objectives of the program are to:

    1. Familiarize the inductee with school district policies and practices and to integrate them into the social system of the school and community.
    2. To provide an opportunity for the inductee to analyze and reflect on their teaching with coaching from veteran teachers.
    3. To support the development of the inductee’s professional knowledge and skills.
    4. To provide continued assistance to face the challenges of the new teacher.
    5. To cultivate a professional attitude toward teaching and learning, and working with others such as students, parents and colleagues.


    The general topics to be covered in our TIP can be classified into two categories:

    1. Those designed as orientation activities to familiarize the inductee with the Nazareth Area School District.
    2. Those activities designed to develop and define the professional knowledge and skills of the inductee.


    An orientation program will be presented by district staff prior to the beginning of each school year in August. A similar type program will be presented to any newly-hired inductee throughout the school year by the chairperson of the TIP program to insure the continuity of the program. Some of the topics that will familiarize inductees with the Nazareth Area School District will include:


    The Framework for Teaching


    District calendar


    Salary and benefits


    PA Public School Code and district’s policy book


    Courses of study and curriculum


    Central duplicating system


    Emergency closings


    Hiring a substitute teacher




    Technology and AUP
    Homework policy


    Bell schedules


    School handbooks


    Lesson plans and plan books


    First day routines


    Grouping of students




    Grading procedures


    Empoyee Assistance Program (EAP)


    Act 48, Instructional I, Instructional II, Tenure
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