• Click here for the 2023-2024 Nazareth Area School District School Calendar.

    Click here for the 2024-2025 Nazareth Area School District School Calendar.


    To personalize the calendar below to see events in specific schools, use the "Customize Calendar View" below, then click on "Categories," and hit the "X" after the school's name to filter it from your view.  You can also use the "Add/Remove" button to adjust your list. 


    School colors are:  Pink = BE/Kenneth N. Butz, Jr. Elementary School, Purple = LE/Lower Nazareth Elementary School, Green = SE/Floyd R. Shafer Elementary School, Yellow = IS/Nazareth Area Intermediate School, Orange = MS/Nazareth Area Middle School, and Blue = HS/Nazareth Area High School.  The gray "Unassigned" category means the event is district-wide.  Red is used for "Holidays and Closings."