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Nazareth Area School District Education Plan: Parent Guide

Dear Parents,

I hope this communication finds our NASD School Community well. Over the past two weeks, a team of district administrators, building administrators, and Nazareth Area School District teachers have been working on an academic contingency plan for extended school closure. Below please find the NASD Educational Contingency Plan - Parent Guide. This is a "phase one" plan that will start on Monday, March 30, 2020, and take our students and families through April 8th, at which point we will re-evaluate the plan, if the closure extends beyond April 8th.  

The transition into online learning is a new experience for many of us. We recognize that this will be a significant change for families. We understand that each educational home setting is going to look very different and we will be supportive and flexible. Our staff also recognizes that students may not have access to textbooks, notes or printed materials, so instruction will be designed to use only materials that will be accessible to all students or available online.

As you encounter questions unique to your educational situation, please reach out to your building principal through email. They will be available to support you and direct your question(s) to the right person if they cannot answer your question(s) directly.

In the parent guide you will note several parent resources are available to support you as we start this new phase of learning together during this extended school closure. In times like these we are especially grateful to have the privilege to work with such a supportive school community - Thank you!

Please take good care of yourself and your family,

Isabel C. Resende

​Isabel C. Resende, Ed.D.
Assistant Superintendent


Nazareth Area School District Education Plan: Parent Guide