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UPDATE: Phone Messages from the Superintendent

UPDATE for those who have AT&T cellular service.  Many of you have been emailing that you checked your phone and our number is not blocked.  However, it has been confirmed that AT&T has blocked certain numbers due to spam.  As a result of their settings, your phone will not have those numbers listed in the blocked settings.  You have to use their Call Protect App to unblock numbers AT&T has on their blocked list.  
To unblock 610-759-1170 on your AT&T iPhone, per AT&T customer service, go to the iPhone App Store and load the AT&T Call Protect app.  After going through the setup procedures, look at the Call Log and look for calls from 610-759-1170.   Click on the most recent call and click on UNBLOCK.  You should start receiving calls.


We have had several people reach out over the past few days with the concern of not receiving our daily phone messages from the Superintendent.  We have been investigating each concern and have reached out to the vendor to troubleshoot.   It has been brought to our attention that some cellular service providers (such as AT&T) may have expanded their call-blocking service of robocalls to include calls initiated through School Messenger.  School Messenger is the program our district uses to send messages to parents. 

If you stopped receiving our daily phone calls, please check your phone settings or call blocking app settings (such as Call Protect), to ensure the following number is not on the "BLOCKED" list:  610.759.1170.

Below are some basic instructions on how to accomplish this:   

   on an iPhone, go to:  Settings / Phone / Call Blocking  

   on an Android, go to: Phone app / More / Settings / Blocked Numbers

   or if using a call blocking app, check settings within the app.

If you have trouble, please use your device "help" feature, search for information online pertinent to your specific device and carrier, or contact your service provider.

We will continue to post our community broadcasts on our district website

Thank you for your patience and understanding, as we work through this.