Mindfulness Minute: Days 36-40

People who prioritize time over money work feweer hours and have more time to engage in activities that they find enjoyable (Whillans et al. 2016). Slow down and enjoy what you have and with the ones we love.

This week, leave time for the people and things you love:

  • Allow yourself time: Allow ten extra minutes in the morning so you don't feel rushed.
  • Schedule time: Schedule 30-60 minutes to do something that brings you joy.
  • Salvage Time: Use time while commuting to call someone, listen to a new playlist, a podcast, or audiobook...or nothing at all.
  • Eat at lunch time: Take a lunch where you are not grading, prepping, or making phone calls.Don't forget about mindful eating either.
  • Be present at times: When you are with friends and family, be fully present rather than working at the same time. Don't forget to put your phone away too so that you are more mindful of our presence with others.
  • Check your time: Look at your calendar and don't hestiate to cancel or postpone something nonessential to have some bonus time doing something you love.
  • Use wait time: Be productive with your wait time by having a book, articles or something to engage in rather than being online.