Mindfulness Minute: Days 51-55

Rather than isolate yourself when you are feelings stressed or overwhelmed, strive to do the opposite. Lean on your loved ones and return the favor when they need it.

Having positive student/teacher relationships helps with well-being and with academics; likewise with principals and teachers.

This week, here are tips to focus on your relationships:

  • One-on-one time: Schedule a coffee grab with someone you haven't seen in a while or a surprise date night. Maybe even scheduling a one-to-one conference with a few students each week to provide learning feedback but making connections with kids of what they like to do in their free time.
  • Emotional intelligence: Take a workshop of emotional intelligence or search online.
  • Long-distance communication: Plan a Zoom with a friend or family member that lives far away.
  • Clubs: Start a book, walking, Bunco, or any kind of club with friends in and outside of clubs. Perhaps plan a trivia, karoke, or potluck dinner party with neighbors and friends would be enjoyable as well.
  • Game Nights: Invite friends over for Monopoly, charades, Codenames, Catan, UNO, or Hanabi and Sentinels of the Multiverse. Maybe even a quick game at lunch would work too?
  • Others: Play kickball, tag, pickleball, or some type of game with your family or friends at the park.
  • Volunteerism: Get involved with friends or family members by volunteer nearby with something.