Mindfulness Minute: Days 56-60

Practicing gratitude each day helps to appreciate the good and reduces our negativity. Practice gratitude every single day. Here are some ways you can:

  • Monday: When you wake up, record three things to be grateful for in whatever way you see fit. Try to think outside the box and not the obvious.
  • Tuesday: Take a picture of something you are gratful for. Save it, post it to social media, or do whatever you want with it so you can reflect on it at a later time.
  • Wednesday: Send a text to someone expressing your gratitude. Thank a colleague for their support, or someone you haven't talked to in a while. Being more specific makes it more meaningful.
  • Thursday: Before bed, write down 3 things you are grateful for. Does it make a differnce to do this in the evening as opposed to the morning?
  • Friday: Write a handwritten note of thanks to someone. Deliver it. Read it aloud to the person. Stick it in the mail. Does this make you feel any different compared to the text the other day you sent?