Mindfulness Minute: Days 61-65

We always want to say yes but sometimes saying no is a better answer for your well-being.It is helpful to feel confident to say no and establish some boundaries for ourselves so that we do not end up feeling exausted or irritable. Practice some tips below and reflect on how it made you feel:

  • Keep it simple: Don't give a dissertation about why you can't join something. Rather, say something like "Thanks for thinking of me, but that won't work for me.", "My heart says yes, but my calendar says no.", or "My other commitments don't leave time for this right now."
  • Offer an alternative: Providing a solution feels easier when you help the other person.
  • Buy some time: Don't say yes immediately but ask if you can get back to them on Wednesay instead so you have time to consider it all. Be mindful to get back to the person.
  • Consider a compromise: "I'll take your bus duty if you can cover my hall duty next week".
  • Separate refusal from rejection: Remember you are not rejecting a person. you are only turning down their request. Keep this in mind when the tables are turned.
  • Be true to yourself: Know your priorities and set boundaries to achieve your goals.