Mindfulness Minute: Days 66-70

Inspire yourself to seek out inspiration wherever you are.

  • Change your environment: Go to a different grocery store, coffee shop, or library this week
  • Learn something new: Try to learn ten words in a different language, something about your local hometown history, or a subject you are unfamiliar with. Maybe even how to juggle or yoga poses?
  • Create a vision board: Think about your big dreams and find pictures to represent them.
  • Visit your local bookstore or library: Look through the shelves for interest titles, pictures and ideas. Perhaps you can find another book written by the same author of the last book you read and loved.
  • Try a new art form, or listen to a new type of music: If you typically like to write, try painting; if you like playing music, try writing a poem. Seek out different forms of music, etc than what you typically go to.
  • Keep an inspiration notebook: When an idea strikes, write it down in a notebook or a note file on your device.
  • Follow ten people on social media who inspire you: Who are your creative idols? Find them and follow them.
  • Go beyond your comfort zone: Get out of the usual routine and try something you never did before that pushes you out of the comfort zone. Go to a poetry reading, Zumba class, or a new sport.
  • Read an autobiography or memoir by someone you admire: Hearing about other people's struggles, triumphs, and challenges can be inspiring.
  • Watch an inspiring TED Talk: These were started to be inspirational. Go explore them in whatever subject you want.