Meeting Reminder(s)

  • All meetings are audio and video recorded. The recording may be accessed via Board Docs under the “Meeting Recording” section of the agenda.


  • All individuals are expected to conduct themselves responsibly and respectfully in a manner that does not disrupt the meeting or the Board’s ability to conduct District business.


  • Be careful with your words as there may be children listening to tonight's board meeting.


  • Public comment is not a question-and-answer session, but an opportunity for taxpayers and residents to offer comments on matters before or that may come before the Board.


  • The Superintendent may speak directly to the commenter after the meeting to attempt to answer their questions.


  • In addition, PINK Question for Board/Administration forms will also be available for residents to ask specific questions of the Board and Administration. The forms will be collected and we will make every reasonable attempt to provide an answer to the question(s) prior to or at the following Board meeting.