• What is PowerSchool?

    Schools depend on a modern, easy-to-use solution to improve daily operations, improve administrative productivity, identify problem areas, and ensure funding through appropriate reporting.


    PowerSchool is Nazareth's Student Information System (SIS) and it covers administrative needs, such as scheduling, attendance, state compliance reporting, data management, faculty management, emergency/medical and health management, registration, and more.  It is also helpful for students and parents in order to view a student's schedule, attendance, transportation, and much more.


    The difference between PowerSchool and Schoology is that PowerSchool is a student information system (SIS) that contains the demographics of the student, parent info, emergency contact info, grades, bus schedules, etc.  Schoology is a learning management system (LMS).  The info that populates the classes, teachers, and students into Schoology comes from PowerSchool.  However, the content on the teacher's Schoology courses is created by the teacher to share with students and parents.


    Parents receive a PowerSchool Access ID and Access Password that is linked to their child.  Parents go to https://powerschool.nazarethasd.org/public/home.html and create an account using the PowerSchool Access ID and Password.  Multiple parents can use the same Access ID and Password in order to be connected to their child.  Creating your parent PowerSchool account is done once.  Your account connects you to your child and will allow you to follow your child through their educational career at Nazareth.  The website the parents go to log into PowerSchool is the same website students will go to in order to log into PowerSchool.


    Once you have your parent PowerSchool created, you can view your child's ID#, Gmail address, password, and other information by logging into your parent PowerSchool account.  On the left side click on Other Apps for Guardians to display this informational screen. 


    If you don't have or lost your PowerSchool Access ID and Access Password or need assistance with creating your PowerSchool parent account, please Email: