RtII Coordinator: Mrs. Lori Dech

    Phone: 610-759-1118


  • What is RtII?

    Response to Instruction and Intervention (RtII) is an early intervening strategy.  It is a comprehensive, multi-tiered, standards-aligned strategy to enable early identification and intervention for students at academic or behavioral risk. 

    RtII allows educators to identify and address academic and behavioral difficulties prior to student failure. Monitoring student response to a series of increasingly intense interventions assists in preventing failure and provides data that may guide eligibility for learning disabilities.

    The goal of RtII is to improve student achievement using research-based interventions matched to the instruction need and level of the student.

    The greatest benefit of a RtII approach is intervening early with the regular education setting. Through the use of universal screeners, benchmark assessments, progress monitoring, and teacher recommendations, students’ needs are identified and interventions are put in place to address student needs.

    RtII Tier 3 Graphic