• PowerSchool is Nazareth's Student Information System (SIS) and it covers administrative needs, such as scheduling, attendance, state compliance reporting, data management, faculty management, emergency/medical and health management, registration, and more.  It is also helpful for students and parents in order to view a student's schedule, attendance, transportation, and much more.

    School Cafe

    • School cafe is the lunch management system used by the NASD. Using this website you can add funds to your child’s lunch account as well as see a purchase history of what your child purchased for lunch. To apply for school lunch benefits such as free and reduced lunch, you will need to create a School Cafe account to apply.


    • This website is different from the Schoology link students use.
    • A learning management system (LMS) connects all the people, content, and systems that fuel education.  Schoology is like a teacher's website or an extension of their classroom online.  Announcements, special dates, pictures, newsletters, discussions, lessons, videos, etc. could all be on a teacher's Schoology page.