School cafe is the lunch management system used by the NASD. Using this website you can add funds to your child’s lunch account as well as see a purchase history of what your child purchased for lunch. 


    To apply for school lunch benefits such as free and reduced lunch, you will need to create a School Cafe account to apply.



    The link is: www.schoolcafe.com


    • To create an account:
      Click on the registration box at the bottom of the screen:

      • Enter Nazareth Area School District

      • Click on the Create an account

      • Sign in with Google or add your name and email address

      • Next, if you are creating an account without using Google--create a password and security question

      • On the final screen, add in your child’s ID number to add them to your account.

    After you register, log in each time with either Google or your Username and password that you created during registration. The NASD does not handle the passwords for that. You will need to contact SchoolCafe for password changes.




    To pay at school: You can make a payment to your child’s lunch account by sending in a check to the school office. Checks should be made payable to the NASD with your child’s name in the memo and sent in an envelope with your child’s name on the envelope as well. Be sure if you are paying for more than one student at a time, to write on the envelope how much money towards each account.


    To make an online payment: Log in to the School Cafe website and choose: Make a Payment. In the program you can use a credit card or checking account. You can set an auto payment each time your child’s account goes below the dollar amount designated during setup.  You can also add an alert to notify you when the balance is low. There is a small processing fee each time you use the online payment.




    Under your child’s picture in the School Cafe dashboard, you have options to view your child’s purchases and put restrictions on purchases.


    • To view purchases - click on Purchase History

    • To add restrictions such as No Peanut Butter products, no Juices, etc.-- Click on Purchase Restrictions

    • To set up Automatic Payment - add your information for a credit card or bank account to automatically add a designated amount of money each time the account is at 0.

    • Low Balance Alert - add your information to have the website notify you when the account is below a designated amount of money