• Aesthetic Experience Activity

    The Aesthetic Experience Assignment is designed to encourage all art students to interact with a professional artist and his/her artwork in a gallery setting once each marking period. The assignment is given by all of the high school art teachers to all the art classes. A student is expected to complete the assignment each quarter that the student has art class. If a student has multiple art classes at one time, one essay will be completed and given to each of the student's art teachers.

    It is understood that a student may not be able to attend all aesthetic experience opportunities mentioned in class. It is the responsibility of the student to plan accordingly for this assignment to be completed once a marking period. The Eagle Nest Gallery is an ideal opportunity to complete this assignment, but other opportunities will be promoted as well. Students are welcome to find their own opportunities but should consider discussing them with an art teacher.

    The handouts given in class have been provided here for your convenience when writing your response or prior to attending an aesthetic experience. Please refer to them as needed.



    Assignment Format Sheet