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The Blue Eagle Bulletin

Eagle Vision Advert.

  • Get involved with what's going on in your Media Center!

    See the MC Schoology group for details.

  • BREAKOUT BOX ACTIVITY... Who Jammed the Copier?? The students put in some great teamwork to find the culprit!

    Do you love a great mystery? Would you like to be a part of one?

    If you have some serious sleuthing skills, keep an eye on schoology for our latest physical breakout box activities! 

  • "Community" Coloring in the Media Center!

"Find My Match" Book Recommendations
  • Books from our "Find My Match" initiative. Students were matched with books they will love, specially wrapped for them on Valentine's Day!

Collaborative Coloring Mural
MC Live Student Concert Series
  • MC Live! gives students the chance to prepare, practice, and then perform on stage in front of their peers! It is an incredible opportunity for students to share their talent and leave their comfort zone. First concert: October 14th!




Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Christian T. Bensing

Library Media teacher

National Writing Project fellow/Writing teacher

EagleVision News advisor

Newspaper advisor (The Blue Eagle Bulletin)

What's So Cool About Manufacturing? advisor



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Cortney Rohn

Media Center associate teacher