• Welcome, current 6th Graders!

    We hope you are all safe and healthy. In addition to your visit to NAMS this spring, this page will serve as a way to help everyone become prepared and excited about joining our school community next Fall. We are committed to preparing everyone for this important transition and to find ways to provide all of you with useful information about our school.

    The materials below are focused on giving you a snapshot of NAMS and reasons that we think you should be excited about coming to middle school next year! We think that the resources below should answer most questions. For any additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!

    -Mr. L. Bauder

    -Mrs. Famularo

    P.S...we wanted to make it a little more fun for you to learn about middle school, so we created a virtual escape room for you to learn all about NAMS from there, so be sure to check it out!

  • Athletics
  • Bell Schedule
  • Clubs and Activities
  • Documents and Forms
  • Performing Arts
  • Safe2Say
  • School Handbook
  • Frequently Asked Questions Here are questions that we have often received from families during the transition process and when we’ve met with families in the Spring before 7th grade.
  • NAMS Orchestra Sign-Up Please complete the form and submit your information to be enrolled in our orchestra course at NAMS.
  • NAMS Chorus Sign-Ups Please complete the form and submit your information to be enrolled in our chorus course at NAMS.

  • Pssst....upcoming 7th grader...want to play a game?

    Press the start button below to begin and hear a message from Dr. Bauder. Want to launch the game in a tab? Press here.