• Our "STEAM" (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Mathematics)

    STEAM is the integregation of these disicplines by way of providing opportunities for students to learn through real world challenges, problems, and projects while infusing in 21st century skills as well.


    Our middle school offers a unique experience for ALL of our students to have exposure to STEAM. Teachers offer STEAM activities students sign up for, where they participate in their chosen activity. STEAM days will take place on Fridays and students are in their selected activity for six Fridays in a row. Our second STEAM rotation wil be beginning January 28th, 2022. Sign ups for these activities will be done through SignUpGenius and communicated via Schoology and the website prior to sign ups, as first come-first serve basis. 


    STEAM Activity & Rotation #2

    Monday 1/17 9AM - STEAM Signups go live for students

    Friday 1/28 - DAY 1 of STEAM
    Friday 2/4 - DAY 2 of STEAM
    Friday 2/11 - DAY 3 of STEAM
    Friday 2/18 - DAY 4 of STEAM
    Friday 2/25 - DAY 5 of STEAM
    Friday 3/4 - DAY 6 of STEAM

  • Please be aware that you MUST sign up for a DIFFERENT activity! You may not sign up for the same activity you did for the first round of STEAM in the fall. If you sign up for the same activity, you will be relocated to a new one!


    8th Grade Activites

    Mystery Bag Challenge - For those that are brave enough to accept the challenge, you will be presented with a bag full of goodies, and a challenge to construct the best of the best! There will be three different challenges with mystery supplies and a different item to engineer each time. Can you think on your feet and win the Mystery Bag Challenge?


    What’s So Cool About Manufacturing? - Statewide video//advertising contest promoting a local manufacturing business and manufacturing careers in general.


    Magnetic Cars - Students will build their own cars and race them using magnets. They will research a current Formula 1 racing team and design their car to match it. Cars will have to be constructed from provided materials. Students will time their cars in race trials. Finally, they will race their cars against other teams' cars to determine a champion. 


    The Domino Effect Challenge - Who is ready to compete in the Dominio Olympics? You will be given dominoes, additional materials, and a challenge to construct the best model to achieve the domino effect and earn points for your region.  Are you ready to accept the Domino Effect Challenge?


    Won in a Million - Do you love Shark Tank? Have you always wanted to start your own business? Or become a millionaire? See if you have what it takes in this STEAM activity where you'll create your own business and present it to an official panel of judges from Lehigh University.  A prize will be awarded to the winning team. 


    STEAM in Sports - STEAM in Sports will provide students with the opportunity to use non traditional sport and recreation activities as a means of learning about STEAM principles. Have you ever made artwork with a bow and arrow? Have you ever established your individual golf handicap or had a swing analysis performed by a PGA professional using Trackman? What do front flips, back flips, and cannonballs have to do with the homemade ice cream process? If you've asked these questions to yourself, then we are the club for you. 


    Egg Drop Challenge - Eggs away!  Compete against your classmates to see who can create the ultimate egg survival device as they fall to ground from great heights.


    Creative Construction - Do you like designing solutions to problems? Do you like to organize and straighten up? How about building things? If you answered “yes” to any or all of these questions then this is the STEAM for you! The woodshop and Drama club have undergone some major changes and are in need of motivated and intelligent designers, builders, and organizers to help redesign the layout and workflow in these rooms! You will learn how to and use various power tools while building new features in the woodshop and the drama room!


    Stop Motion Animation - Students will use a variety of objects to plan, create, and take photos.  The photos will then be used to create an animation.


    Spaghetti Soapbox Derby - Students will pair up and design, build and test model vehicles made of dry pasta and glue.  There will be a race to see which vehicle can roll down a ramp and then coasting freely as far as possible.  Teams will follow the steps of the engineering design process as they design, test and redesign their vehicles.  The winner will be the vehicle that travels the farthest.


    Build It, Fly it, Float It Competition (BFF Competition) - Students, as a small group, will compete against each other to build, fly, or float a device. Student design will be tested and improvements will be made prior to competitions. 


    Steam Olympics - STEAM in Sports will provide students with the opportunity to use non traditional sport and recreation activities as a means of learning about STEAM principles. Have you ever made artwork with a bow and arrow? Have you ever established your individual golf handicap or had a swing analysis performed by a PGA professional using Trackman? What do front flips, back flips, and cannonballs have to do with the homemade ice cream process? If you've asked these questions to yourself, then we are the club for you. 


    Health Focused Nutrition - Participants will select a dietary constraint/focus (medical, personal health or environmental goal).  We will collectively research nutritional concepts available through the Rodale Institute, and participants will independently explore further research that fits the constraint they have chosen.  Based on their research, each participant will explore and select a collection of meal plans or a cookbook that fits their target.  Participants can then choose to conduct (and share) their findings from further research, or cook/eat some of the foods at home and share their reflections/photos/review of the food.  The rotation will conclude with exploration of how to meet their original goal when faced with an additional constraint.  


    7th Grade Activites

    Hands-on Poetry - Do you like art?  Do you like poetry?  Why not mix the two with hands on poetry?!  We’ll build poems using the “Ransom Note” technique; we’ll also create art and use it as our inspiration for the “Inkblot” poem.  As a final activity, we’ll submit our creations to several magazines and competitions so you can flex on your friends and family when YOU can say you are a published poet!


    Scale Drawing Calculator Painting -   Do you dislike the look of that boring, old calculator you use for math and science class?  Do you enjoy art, painting, and want to make that calculator really pop? Then join this STEAM activity where you will have the opportunity to incorporate math, scale drawings, creativity, and painting to really transform your calculator and even other school supplies! 


    Rescue Crew - If you love animals as much as we do, then we have the STEAM for you! We will be researching and designing various resources to give to animal shelters and local strays. Come put your passion for animals to use to create homes and toys for our furry friends! 


    Competitive Advertising (Shark Tank) - This activity is for students who enjoy being creative in various media formats while working, communicating, and competing in a group setting. Students will learn the basics of creating an advertising campaign. They will create a logo for their product, create a print ad, and film a commercial to sell their product. Students will be competing against other groups during the final presentation to see who wins the contract from the “Shark Tank.”


    BECS Championship - The Blue Eagle Championship Series is a 6-day sports study about technology, science, and math of basketball that concludes with an 8-team winner take all tournament. During this STEAM activity, each student will be exposed to various forms of technology (Go Pro, Blast Athletic App, Original Drone Video, Schoology and Chromebooks) and will utilize math and science concepts (Newton’s Laws of Motion, Projectile Motion and Parabolas, Kinematics: Position, Velocity and Acceleration, Vectors and Pythagoras Theorem) that are found everywhere you look on the basketball court.


    Travel Agency: Dream Vacation - Students will plan their dream vacation from the perspective of a travel agent. They will create a trip itinerary with a pre- set budget and map of their trip destination.


    Cupcake Wars - Students will work in teams while using their culinary skills to create a cupcake from mystery ingredients while competing with others for the top cupcake. 


    Young Women as Inventors & Entrepreneurs - Ladies, Do you have a creative mind?  Do you like to find new uses for everyday objects?  Do you see yourself as an inventor or entrepreneur?  Then this STEAM may be for YOU!  You will be able to create your own invention and who knows; you may want to take it further and sell it! 


    How to Build a PC - In today’s ever-evolving electronic world the need to learn and understand the technology that we use on a daily basis. We will explore the parts of a computer and how to build a system that works and functions properly. Students will design a computer of their own and detail what components make it up. The students will design or come up with designs for a computer that they could build to use as a “gaming rig”. They would have a budget that they need to keep in mind as they build their computer.


    WWE Challenge (The WestGreatOne's Entertainment Challenge) - Finally! The WestGreatOne's WWE Challenge has come back to STEAM! Oh, you didn't know? You better call somebody! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, the WestGreatOne proudly brings to you the challenge of the hour with the power, too sweet to be sour, too hot to handle, too cold to hold! It's the styling and profiling, limousine riding, jet flying, wheeling, dealing, son of a gun, the WWE Challenge GreatOne. The style is undeniable, but the swag is indescribable! Are you interested in the WWE and how they create their personas and personal brands? Are you interested in how social media influencers develop merchandise and content that is fun, inspiring, and interesting to others? Then the WWE challenge is for you! You will learn how to create your own entertaining person from the 16X world champion, the first and only Triple C (3 division world champion) and the owner of the $600 custom made gator shoes. He's a bad man. Just last week he got in a rumble. He whooped Jake Paul for claiming he was the King of the jungle. Then, you will create your own WWE persona, backstory, merchandise, catchphrases, promo videos, and more! The student who comes up with the most creative, interesting, motivating, and entertaining persona and brand will win the WWE contract! Do you think you can win the contract and the world championship belt? It doesn't matter what you think! Know your role, smelllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll what the WestGreatOne is cooking and join the millions......AND millions of WWE Challenge competitors! It's true, it's true, it's darn true! And that's the bottom line because the WestGreatOne said so!


    Sudsy Soap Sales - Students will research the soap making process, draft their own soap recipes, and design their own soap. Students will have the opportunity to work with the advertising STEAM group to market their soaps to a target audience. 


    Peace of Mind - learn and practice mindful strategies including a gratitude journal, brain breaks/guided meditations, and mindful coloring. To conclude, you will design and fill your own calming space.


    Amazing Food Truck Race - Students will create and design their own food truck business and then compete against other food trucks for the title “best food truck of NAMS!”


    Renewable Energy Creation - In this activity, we will explore the world of renewable energy, examine the advancements in renewable technology, as well as create and design two renewable energy creations. Compete to see which group has the best design and generates the most energy!


    Coding Challenge 

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