• Our "STEAM" (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Mathematics)

    STEAM is the integration of these disciplines by way of providing opportunities for students to learn through real world challenges, problems, and projects while infusing in 21st century skills as well.


    Our middle school offers a unique experience for ALL of our students to have exposure to STEAM. Teachers offer STEAM activities students sign up for, where they participate in their chosen activity. STEAM days will take place on Wednesdays and students are in their selected activity for six Wednesdays in a row. Our first STEAM rotation will begin October 19th, 2022. Sign ups for these activities will be done through Flextime Manager starting on October 11th and communicated via Schoology and the website prior to sign-ups, as first-come-first-serve basis. 


    STEAM Activity & Rotation #1

    Tuesday 10/11- STEAM Signups go live for students

    Wednesday 10/19 - DAY 1 of STEAM
    Wednesday 10/26 - DAY 2 of STEAM
    Wednesday 11/2 - DAY 3 of STEAM
    Wednesday 11/9 - DAY 4 of STEAM
    Wednesday 11/16- DAY 5 of STEAM
    Wednesday 11/30 - DAY 6 of STEAM

  • Please check your Flextime manager to see what STEAM you have. If you did not sign up for one or did not get back to us if you registered for multiple, you were placed in an open spot. If you did not get what you wanted this time, you will have another opportunity after winter break for round 2!


    8th Grade Activites

    What’s So Cool About Manufacturing? - Statewide video//advertising contest promoting a local manufacturing business and manufacturing careers in general.


    Magnetic Cars - Students will build their own cars and race them using magnets. They will research a current Formula 1 racing team and design their car to match it. Cars will have to be constructed from provided materials. Students will time their cars in race trials. Finally, they will race their cars against other teams' cars to determine a champion. 


    The Domino Effect Challenge - Who is ready to compete in the Domino Olympics? You will be given dominoes, additional materials, and a challenge to construct the best model to achieve the domino effect and earn points for your region.  Are you ready to accept the Domino Effect Challenge?


    Won in a Million - Do you love Shark Tank? Have you always wanted to start your own business? Or become a millionaire? See if you have what it takes in this STEAM activity where you'll create your own business and present it to an official panel of judges from Lehigh University.  A prize will be awarded to the winning team. 


    STEAM in Sports - STEAM in Sports will provide students with the opportunity to use non traditional sport and recreation activities as a means of learning about STEAM principles. Have you ever made artwork with a bow and arrow? Have you ever established your individual golf handicap or had a swing analysis performed by a PGA professional using Trackman? What do front flips, back flips, and cannonballs have to do with the homemade ice cream process? If you've asked these questions to yourself, then we are the club for you. 


    Egg Drop Challenge - Eggs away!  Compete against your classmates to see who can create the ultimate egg survival device as they fall to ground from great heights.


    Spaghetti Soapbox Derby - Students will pair up and design, build and test model vehicles made of dry pasta and glue.  There will be a race to see which vehicle can roll down a ramp and then coasting freely as far as possible.  Teams will follow the steps of the engineering design process as they design, test and redesign their vehicles.  The winner will be the vehicle that travels the farthest.


    Build It, Fly it, Float It Competition (BFF Competition) - Students, as a small group, will compete against each other to build, fly, or float a device. Student design will be tested and improvements will be made prior to competitions. 


    Steam Olympics (2 sections Pt. 1 & Pt. 2)  - Students in the STEAM Olympics will compete in a series of STEAM challenges designed to challenge there thinking and designing skills.  The team with the most points will win GOLD.


    The Paradigm Challenge - The paradigm challenge is seeking motivated and creative thinkers to form teams of 2-4 people. This annual competition asks you to creatively come up with solutions to some of today’s challenges. You will work in small teams to research a problem, observe what has already been done, and then create and present your solution. If your team is interested once you have developed and presented your solution, you can submit your idea and possibly win a scholarship through the paradigm challenge! So if you are ready to take on the challenge, sign up!  


    NAMS Mural Project - NAMS Art Beautification Project- For those skilled in the realm of art with a desire to help bring a focus on art to our building. 


    Marble Tracks and Roller Coasters - After building a basic marble track to experiment with relevant concepts, students will work in assigned teams to build a paper roller coaster for marbles.  We will also look at the designs of some roller coasters at Knoebels.


    Face Off - Combine your Woodshop skills and talent on the stage to complete a design challenge just like the show Face Off! on the Sci Fi channel!


    Stop Motion Animation -  Students will use a variety of objects to plan, create, and take photos.  The photos will then be used to create an animation.


    Fish Tank Challenge - Do you like to be creative and develop/make products? Do you have an edge for marketing? Do you want to be an entrepreneur some day? Shark Tank is the STEAM Activity for you!! In this activity, you will create a product, target an audience of whom you think will purchase your product, market the product to your audience, and try to sell it to a panel of judges in the end and be the ultimate Shark Tank Entrepreneur in the end. 


    Mystery Bag Challenge - For those that are brave enough to accept the challenge, you will be presented with a bag full of goodies, and a challenge to construct the best of the best! There will be three different challenges with mystery supplies and a different item to engineer each time. Can you think on your feet and win the Mystery Bag Challenge?



    7th Grade Activites

    BECS Championship - The Blue Eagle Championship Series is a 6-day sports study about technology, science, and math of basketball that concludes with an 8-team winner take all tournament. During this STEAM activity, each student will be exposed to various forms of technology (Go Pro, Blast Athletic App, Original Drone Video, Schoology and Chromebooks) and will utilize math and science concepts (Newton’s Laws of Motion, Projectile Motion and Parabolas, Kinematics: Position, Velocity and Acceleration, Vectors and Pythagoras Theorem) that are found everywhere you look on the basketball court.


    Travel Agency: Dream Vacation - Students will plan their dream vacation from the perspective of a travel agent. They will create a trip itinerary with a pre- set budget and map of their trip destination.


    Cupcake Wars - Students will work in teams while using their culinary skills to create a cupcake from mystery ingredients while competing with others for the top cupcake. 


    WWE Challenge (The WestGreatOne's Entertainment Challenge) - Finally! The WestGreatOne's WWE Challenge has come back to STEAM! Oh, you didn't know? You better call somebody! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, the WestGreatOne proudly brings to you the challenge of the hour with the power, too sweet to be sour, too hot to handle, too cold to hold! It's the styling and profiling, limousine riding, jet flying, wheeling, dealing, son of a gun, the WWE Challenge GreatOne. The style is undeniable, but the swag is indescribable! Are you interested in the WWE and how they create their personas and personal brands? Are you interested in how social media influencers develop merchandise and content that is fun, inspiring, and interesting to others? Then the WWE challenge is for you! You will learn how to create your own entertaining person from the 16X world champion, the first and only Triple C (3 division world champion) and the owner of the $600 custom made gator shoes. He's a bad man. Just last week he got in a rumble. He whooped Jake Paul for claiming he was the King of the jungle. Then, you will create your own WWE persona, backstory, merchandise, catchphrases, promo videos, and more! The student who comes up with the most creative, interesting, motivating, and entertaining persona and brand will win the WWE contract! Do you think you can win the contract and the world championship belt? It doesn't matter what you think! Know your role, smelllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll what the WestGreatOne is cooking and join the millions......AND millions of WWE Challenge competitors! It's true, it's true, it's darn true! And that's the bottom line because the WestGreatOne said so!


    Sudsy Soap Sales - Students will research the soap making process, draft their own soap recipes, and design their own soap. Students will have the opportunity to work with the advertising STEAM group to market their soaps to a target audience. 


    Wildlife Conservation and Fly-Fishing - This is an introductory course for fly fishing and fly tying. The course will also allow for exploration of natural habitats of insects (entomology) as well as understanding our coldwater fisheries and education on how to conserve these natural environments, with a focus on promoting educated anglers.


    Art-n-Poetry - Do you like art?  Do you like poetry?  Why not mix the two with hands on poetry?!  We’ll build poems using the “Ransom Note” technique; we’ll also create art and use it as our inspiration for the “Inkblot” poem.  As a final activity, we’ll submit our creations to several magazines and competitions so you can flex on your friends and family when YOU can say you are a published poet! 


    Coding Game Challenge  - Pending description...  


    Creation Stations -In this STEAM course, students will experience the design process by creating products and packaging that fit the needs of specific "clients." After designing, students will share finished projects with peers to gain feedback and improve the product. Projects include making keychains, rock candy, and slime.  


    Brains & Brawn: Design and Outdoor Fitness Trial - Do you have the right mix of brains and brawn?  Find out by joining this STEAM activity!  Challenge yourself to design an outdoor fitness trail that will push you to your max efforts of both fitness and intellectual ability.  Students will design stations that incorporate athleticism and physical tasks along with brain teasers and challenges.  Students will work with a team to complete the fitness trail in record time all while encouraging their teammates to make it to the finish line! 


    Don't Sink the Boat - Learn about the different STEM concepts associated with boating. The Challenge: Using recycled materials, you will build a remote controlled boat. You will compete against the other boaters on a course in the pool. 


    An Apple A Day - Using back-to-school supplies and items associated with fall, you will engage in hands-on, brain-busting work (disguised as fun)! Each STEAM session will offer a new and exciting Fall challenge! Are you ready to rake up some autumn fun? 


    St. Jude EPIC Challenge -  The St. Judes's epic challenge will have students creating and developing ideas and prototypes to meet the educational, social, emotional, and physical needs of children at St. Jude's children's hospital. Students will also create a brochure and video which will be entered into the St.Jude's EPIC challenge.


    I'm A Survivor: Natural Disaster Home Design - Are you fascinated by natural disasters? Are you interested in designing and building structures? In this Steam, we will explore the types of natural disasters and structural improvements that have helped with survival and prevention of damage over recent years. Then you will try your hand at designing your own building to see if it could survive a specific type of natural disaster. 


    Stop Motion Animation -  Students will use a variety of objects to plan, create, and take photos. The photos will then be used to create an animation.


    Shark Tank: Competitive Advertising - This activity is for students who enjoy being creative in various media formats while working, communicating, and competing in a group setting. Students will learn the basics of creating an advertising campaign. They will create a logo for their product, create a print ad, and film a commercial to sell their product. Students will be competing against other groups during the final presentation to see who wins the contract from the “Shark Tank.”


    Parachute Challenge - Imagine being chased by a giant (animal) through the jungle with time/space running out. You make it to the edge of the jungle, jumping over fallen trees, ducking low branches, dodging poisonous snakes along the way, just to find out the edge of the jungle is a cliff with a 200 foot drop!!! Now what? Check your survival kit and build a device that will help you survive the fall! The objective of this STEAM activity is to build a parachute-like device that will drop your character the slowest, thus making it the safest device! We will create a blueprint/poster of our device, as well as build the device, then have a drop competition to see who built the safest device. We will have the opportunity to make changes to our device after the first drop day, then drop again.

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