• Please refer to the links below for Room Number information or click on the Zoom link to access the Zoom Conference Room. 


    *NOTE* You will be placed in a waiting room and  accepted  in when it is your time and the teacher is ready.

    If you need help, please contact Mrs. Whitman- mwhitman@nazarethasd.org 


    Grade 5

    Grade 6

    Dellicarpini Room 214

    Hineline/Payton Room 307

    Sampson/Laubach Room 104

    Nickischer/Pilla Room  214

    Fehr/Spering Room 315

    Morrison/Pierce Room 202

    Crisp/Jordan  Room 101

    Kline/Reid Room 224

    Humes/Wolf Room 212

    Kilpatrick/Scanlon Room 114

    Brown/Sterkenburg Room 210

    Kammerdiener/Guerrieri Room 109

    McEntire/EichelmannRoom 313

    Bedics/DelBene Room 112

    Ecker/Malachowski Room 106

    Waterhouse/Saunders Room 305

    Special Areas

    Physical Education


    Markle  Gym

    Greger   Room 217

    Stocker  Gym

    Vogler  Room 216



    Fuller  Library

    Mann  Room 239A

    Vogler  Room 216

    Ashton  Room 238

    Sabol  Room 239



    Wasser Room 227

    Tripaldi Room 225

    Petrozelli Room 228

    Haldeman Room 226

    Special Education, Specialists, ESOL and Title Teachers will attend the regular conferences or contact a parent directly.