NAIS Clubs

  • NAIS Club Sign Ups will occur approximately the second week of school. Sign Ups below are closed or for last year. Announcements will be made on Schoology and through the Dr. Yanek's emails in September.

    We look forward to seeing everyone in all of our a'NAIS'ing clubs!

Parents ONLY should be registering for clubs and activities.  Please take a look at the description of each club.  Once you s
  • **NOTE**

    NAIS Clubs are offered throughout the school year. Some clubs are held all year and others are held for a quarter or time period through the year.  Club sign ups will begin during the month of the September.  Signs up will be posted to the school webpage and Schoology. Club advisors will maintain a Schoology page with meeting dates, information and other supplies you need. Once a student is in the club, the student will be added to that course and both the student and parent will have access to important club information. The Schoology course will be the main source of communication with the club advisor.

    Club meeting dates are an estimate. After the students are registered the advisors will reach out with a more accurate schedule. 

  • Student Council-

    NAIS Student Council is a student run council that works toward building school and community pride and involvement. Student council strives to foster good citizenship and to help build our school culture. Students meet monthly. Classroom representatives and officers are elected by the student body. Events include Red Ribbon Week, Spirit Week, and co-sponsoring the NAIS Dances. No sign ups. This activity is voted on in school.

     Advisors: Mr. Petrozelli, Mrs. Spering, Miss Morrison

    Interact Club-

     Interact Club is sponsored and guided by the local Rotary Club. IInteract is a combination of two words ... international and action. Students get a chance to work in the community to help others.  They will get to participate in a local community service and other international activities. 

    We look to do fundraisers and more to purchase food, shelter and animals for places that are in need. For example, we work with the Pocono Wildlife Center and Moravian Hall Square.

    Meeting Times: 7:45- 8:30 AM - THird Wednesday of a month and other various times for activities

     Advisors: Miss Humes



    Strings Orchestra is an instrumental group for stringplayers who would like to perform in an ensemble setting. Any student who has been playing the violin, viola, cello, or string bass for 1 year or more can sign-up for the orchestra.   

    Instrumental sign ups are being done by Mrs. Sabol. If interested and you have not received a paper please email Mrs. Sabol – lsabol@nazarethasd.og 

     Advisor: Mrs. Sabol


    Welcome to Drama!

    Be a part of the Intermediate School Musical!  You will act, sign or be a part of the backend!

    Meeting Times: 4:30 PM Tuesday/Thursday (Tentative) Mrs. Snyder will provide an exact schedule

     SIGN UPS- First come basis by sign up time and then by grade level starting with Grade 6. There is a limit to the amount of students accepted in each group.

    Musical Kids

     Musical Kids begins working on a musical  in the fall and perform for the public in the Spring. This group is a large commitment and practices are mandatory.

    Stage Crew

     This is for the student who has interest in the behind the scenes aspect of the theatre. This is for students with great listening skills, leadership building and interest in learning about what goes on behind the scenes of the theatre. Students in Stage Crew will also be in charge of costumes, sets and props for the spring musical and be expected to be at all performances and practices. Stage crew will be picked based on interview and simple auditing of practices.

    Advisor- Mrs. Jenny Snyder


    TMI Club-

    TMI: Technology, Math, and Innovation Club : Creating, solving, discussing, and defending real-life math puzzles and problems in a fun and energetic learning environment. Geared toward student interest, project-based, utilizing technology, taking Math/Science to a whole new level with  S.T.E.M. Students will be presented with STEM Challenges each week to work together in groups to solve. A Knex Challenge will also be offered for an opportunity for students to take their STEM challenge to the next level.

    Meeting Times: 7:45- 8:30 AM 1st and 3rd Tuesday of a month

      Advisors:  Mrs. DelBene, Mrs. Whitman, Mrs. Guerrieri


    Odyssey of the Mind-

    OTM is an International, FUN, Creative Problem-Solving opportunity for students. Focus on Teamwork, critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving, and independent thinking skills! See if you can complete the brain challenges and present your findings in front of family friends and other possible competititons.

    Meeting Times: 3:30-4:30 PM every other Thursday

      Advisors:  Mrs. Eichelmann


  • NAIS Chorus

    Do you like to sing? Do you like to perform with others? Then Chorus is for you!

    This is a performance-based group and every member of the group is important!  Please mark performance dates in your calendar as soon as possible!  Additional performances may be added, and you will be notified as soon as possible.

    ​I look forward to singing with everyone! 

    Meeting Time-(Thursday mornings, 7:45 am) 

    Advisor- Mrs. Ashton


    Yearbook Club-

     Yearbook: Design and produce the NAIS yearbook!   A specific calendar will be given to students once the group is selected.  

    Approximately 10 students selected across grade levels to be staff members. Staff members must be able to attend most meetings, and must have photography skills. 

    Meeting Times: Before School- Two Thursdays a month, Mr. Greger will send out a detailed meeting schedule once students are selected.

    Advisor: Mr. Greger 



     Aquatics Intramurals is open to 6th grade students ONLY.  It is held after school at the Middle School.  A bus transports students to the Middle School Natatorium. A ride must be provided for the student to get home from the Middle School. Registration was done previously through the gym teachers and is now closed as the program has already started.

     Team Sports Intramurals is held in the Spring. It is open to both 5th and 6th grade students and is held at the Intermediate School.​

    Advisors: Mrs. Stocker, Mr. Markle


    Acoustic Guitar Club-

    WELCOME! Learning to play the guitar provides young musicians with the opportunity to have fun while developing musically. 

    There will be two different meeting times (for two different playing levels).

    Meeting time-Guitar Info (beginners after school thursday until 4:20, advanced after school friday until 4:20) 

    Advisor- Mrs. Ashton


    Coding Club-

    The coding club is for students that have an interest in learning coding and some basic programming.  We will be using the Google CS First coding program to create an app. The two top apps in Grade 6 will be chosen to participate in the Regional Computer Fair for Grades  6-8 in March. Other apps will be posted on our website for others to enjoy!

    Meeting Times: 7:45- 8:30 AM Fridays- Coding Club, Multimedia and Broadcast Bunch will meet together. If students want to be in more than one, they can switch to the other group on different Fridays.

    ​​ Advisors: Mrs. Whitman, Mr. Petrozelli


    Writing Club

    Where:  NAIS Library

    When:  Once a month after school

    Why sign up:

    Make new friends!

    Get better at writing!

    Share your stories and ideas with friends!

    Publish a piece of writing!

    Read some great books!

    Meeting Times: Before School- Mrs. Thomas will send out a meeting schedule after registration

    Advisor- Mrs. Thomas


    Broadcast Bunch-

     The Broadcast Bunch is for students that LOVE to make movies and videos. We will learn how to set up scenes, record from different angles and edit our movies. The two top movies in Grade 6 will be chosen to participate in the Regional Computer Fair for Grades  6-8 in March. Other projects will be posted on our website for others to enjoy! Students that have experience with creating videos or hosting their own youtube channels or have a strong interest in video production and movie making should join this club.​

    ​There are NO tryouts! It is a first come registration.

    Meeting Times: 7:45- 8:30 AM Fridays- Coding Club, Multimedia and Broadcast Bunch will meet together. If students want to be in more than one, they can switch to the other group on different Fridays.

    Advisors: Mrs. Whitman, Mrs. Feilbach


  • Girls on the Run-


    Girls on the Run meets and runs after school to prepare girls to run a 5K.

    If you are interested in this club- please email Mrs. Robinson Fillips  -

    Advisor: Mrs. Robinson Filipps


    Girls in STEM

    STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math!

     The club is for girls that are interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and  Math! During this club, you will gain leadership skills and a chance to explore STEM careers while doing experiments, STEM activities and having fun! Each week we will have a guest speaker who is a woman in a leadership role in a STEM Career. She will talk about her job and how she got there and then we will work to solve a hands on STEM Challenge about that job. Lots of un and lots of learning!

    Meeting Times: 7:45- 8:30 AM Second and Fourth Wednesday of the month

    Advisors: Mrs. Whitman, Miss Humes


    Graphic Design and Web Page Club

    Sixth grade students will create logos,  menus, and promotional materials for a fictional restaurant using the elements of graphic design.  The two best groups projects will be entered in the regional Computer Fair in March.

    Students will create a webpage for a company or organization. Students will be exposed to HTML Design tools and other simple Web Page Design Programs. The two best websites will be entered in the regional Computer Fair in March.

    Meeting Times: 7:45- 8:30 AM Fridays- Coding Club, Multimedia and Broadcast Bunch will meet together. If students want to be in more than one, they can switch to the other group on different Fridays.

    Advisors: Mrs. Bedoya, Mrs. Whitman


    Youth Band-

    The Nazareth Area Intermediate School youth band is comprised of experienced 5th and 6th grade brass and woodwind players. In addition, this group is for percussionists who plan to audition for this group during lessons.  Fourth graders may try out after they have learned how to play the Concert Bflat major scale or upon special invitation from Mrs. Mann.

     The Nazareth Area Intermediate School Beginning Band will form when students know their first five notes. Percussionists do not join until the spring season.

     The NAIS Jazz Band is comprised of students who audition or are selected by Mrs. Mann to be in this advanced group of students.

     The NAIS Percussion Ensemble is comprised of percussionists who have at least 5 months of lessons.

     Finally, Practice Club meets every morning for any student wishing to come in to practice their instrument. This is a GREAT way to start the day.

    Signs ups are conducted by Mrs. Mann at a different time. If you are interested, please email Mrs. Mann- 

    Advisor: Mrs. Mann


    Ski Club-

    Students will go to Blue Mountain Ski Resort after school on Wednesdays beginning in January to ski!

    The ski trip dates will begin in January.

     If school is cancelled or school dismisses early for inclement weather, Ski Club will also be cancelled and rescheduled.


    Meeting Times:A scheduled will be sent once everyone is registered.

    Advisors- Mrs. Dawe, Mrs. Bedoya,  Miss Morrison


    eSports Club- 

    Do you like to game? Have you ever played Mario Kart or Smash Brothers? How about Rocket League? Come learn more and compete in competitions!  Students will have a chance to play against other students in the club and with other schools in the area . We will be working in collaboration with the MS and HS teams. 

    Meeting Times: 7:45- 8:30 AM  Mondays 

    Advisors- Mrs. Whitman, Mr. Vogler, Mr. Mingora


    Dance Club-

    If you enjoy dancing then this is the club for you. We will meet in the gym and learn and share different dances. We will have a chance to perform the dances at Winter Open House and the Night of the Arts. We can't wait to see all of the fun dances and get some exercise too!

    Meeting Times: 7:45- 8:30 AM 1st and 3rd Thursday of a month

    Advisors- Mrs. Ecker