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Degrees and Certifications:

Miss Carey Humes

Welcome to NAIS! As the Reading Specialist for our school, I love spending time working with students individually, in small groups, and stopping by in classrooms to work with teachers. My goal is to help students develop a connection with Reading that is personally meaningful to them to help in their lifelong learning journey!

I am a graduate of Penn State and Wilkes Universities, certified in K-6 Elementary Teaching, PK-12 Reading Specialist, and PK-12 Administration. I enjoy spending time with my family and pets. Finding new hiking trails, running, reading outside, and enjoying new adventures are exciting to me. My students know that Penn State and Philly sports are important in my life!


  • NAIS Reading Programs

    5th Grade ELA Program - Benchmark Literacy

    • Benchmark Literacy is used in our three K-4 Nazareth Elementary Schools. This program provides teachers with reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language instruction. Teachers also support students with the Lucy Calkins writing program, Units of Study.


    6th Grade ELA Program - Springboard

    • Springboard provides teachers with texts that allows learners to analyze ideas from many perspectives and encompasses a variety of genres. Through the program, students progress from guided reading to collaborative projects and independent work. Students become more confident researchers through the program with analyzing the credibility of sources and utilizing citations. Multimedia, text, and film offer an array of real life connections for learners. While students learn strategies for the writing process, they have opportunities to write narrative, explanatory, and argumentative texts.

    Read 20 minutes per da 

    *Anytime you are reading together and discussing the contents of the text, that is great Comprehension practice.

    *Relating the text to other text(s), the real world, and individual interests (self) are great ways to practice Making Connections.

    *Utilizing words and phrases around unknown words can help readers understand unknown Vocabulary words.

    *To practice Reading Fluency, consider taking turns reading aloud with your child. They will benefit from hearing the expression in your voice while you read.