NAIS Nurse's Office

  • Certified School Nurse: Heather Reichl RN, BSN, CSN


    Associate Nurse: Mary Beth Pogodzinski, LPN


    Associate Nurse: Tahizy Bugbee, RN, MSN



    School Phone: 484-292-1111  ext. 3008

    School Nurse Fax: 484-292-1113

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    Our mission is to directly enhance the educational achievement for each student by advocating and promoting health and wellness. 

    Success in school requires the enhancement and promotion of optimal health and well-being. Led by a team of certified school nurses, the Health Service Department of the Nazareth Area School District challenges students, family and community to prevent disease, promote and protect health and minimize the complications of health problems.


    • Certified School Nurses - There are six certified school nurses currently employed by the Nazareth Area School District. These school nurses provide health services to the 6 public and 1 nonpublic school.   Health information should always be shared with your school nurse, either through a written health history or an individual personal interview.   The information given to the school nurse is considered both privileged and confidential. This means the information will be shared only on a need-to-know basis for the safety and well-being of the child. Please contact your school nurse with any questions or to update your child's health history. Your school nurse will periodically send written requests to update health information.

    • Associate Nurses - The Certified School Nurses are assisted by a team of Health Assistants. All of the health assistants are licensed nurses (LPN or RN). The health assistants provide the students with general first aid and health care.

    • School Physician - The Nazareth Area School District physician does state mandated school physicals for those students who have not had a private examination; written parental consent is required for in-school physical examinations. In addition, the school physician acts as a resource to support the certified school nurses.

    • School Dentist - The Nazareth Area School District dentists do state mandated dental examinations for those students who have not completed a private examination. Students will be scheduled for a school exam unless parent indicates "no" on the consent form. Please note the dentists will not do cleanings nor will they make dental corrections. If you need help finding dental care please contact your school nurse. If you would like to know the name of the dentist assigned to your child's school please call your school nurse.

    Each year the following  guidelines are followed: