Please refer to the links below for Room Number information or click on the Zoom link to access the Zoom Conference Room. 


    *NOTE* You will be placed in a waiting room and  accepted  in when it is your time and the teacher is ready.

    If you need help, please contact Mrs. Whitman- mwhitman@nazarethasd.org 


    Grade 5

    Dellicarpini Room 214

    Sampson/Laubach Room 104

    Fehr/Spering Room 315

    Crisp/Jordan  Room 101

    Humes/Wolf Room 212

    Brown/Sterkenburg Room 210

    McEntire/EichelmannRoom 313

    Ecker/Malachowski Room 106


    Grade 6

    Hineline/Payton Room 307

    Nickischer/Pilla Room  206

    Morrison/Pierce Room 202

    Kline/Reid Room 224

    Kilpatrick/Scanlon Room 114

    Kammerdiener/Guerrieri Room 109

    Bedics/DelBene Room 112

    Waterhouse/Saunders Room 305

    Special Areas

    Markle  Gym

    Stocker  Gym

    Fuller  Library

    Vogler  Room 216- Art

    Wasser Room 227- Technology

    Petrozelli Room 228- Technology

    Greger Room 217- Music

    Vogler  Room 216- Music

    Mann  Room 239A- Instrumental

    Ashton Room 238- Instrumental

    Sabol Room 239- Instrumental

    Tripaldi Room 225- Art

    Haldeman Room 226- Art

    Special Education, Specialists, ESOL and Title Teachers will attend the regular conferences or contact a parent directly.