•   Congratulations to Ms. Deb Schaninger, Secretary to the Middle School Principal. Ms. Schaninger helps keep the main office and the entire building running smoothly by ensuring that students and staff know about all the important events and special days. She makes the office a fun place and always greets our students with a smile and a funny comment before offering them a piece of candy - the kids love her and will always stop in to say hello, share a funny story of their own, or ask for a piece of candy. Deb’s sense of humor is heard in almost every announcement she makes throughout the school day - making our Middle School a special place for all.


    A middle school, full of hormonal youngsters of all sizes, calls for a secretary with a calm personality and tactful communication skills. Besides providing customer service to all visitors and vetting calls, a secretary coordinates the principal's busy calendar and the building calendar. A secretary is the first face and voice someone encounters when they call or come into the school. The secretary is your stakeholders’ litmus test of the school culture and climate, reflecting the school’s mission, vision, beliefs, values, and leaders. Ms. Schaninger is friendly, welcoming, organized, and resourceful. She shows empathy and cares for every student, parent, teacher, staff member, and community member. Deb makes everyone feel like they are the most important person at that specific point in time. If you ask any stakeholder, they will tell you that Deb knows everything! If you ever need an answer to a question, she will either know the answer or be able to find it for you very quickly.


    Our school district has employed Ms. Schaninger since 2014. She currently lives in the school district and is a proud member of the Nazareth Area Graduating Class of 1977. Deb graduated from Northampton Community College with an Associate’s Degree in Travel. She has a son named Michael, a sister named Ann, brothers Mike and John, and an extended family that includes many. Deb’s hobbies include reading, murder mystery games, walking, and hanging out with friends and family. On behalf of myself, the Administration, and the Board of School Directors, I would like to thank Deb for her hard work, dedication, friendly demeanor, and caring attitude.