• Nazareth Area School District

    Superintendent’s Resume Page


    From time-to-time I have been asked by individuals to share my professional background and experiences along with my formal education.  I feel as though I have been truly blessed to have the experiences I have had.  Along the way I have been extremely fortunate to build a rather intensive professional network of highly regarded professors, administrators and educators.  The staff members I have worked with and work with today are dedicated individuals to our profession.  To have the ability to walk such a journey seldom exists.
    Dennis L. Riker, Ed. D.
    Superintendent of Schools
    Nazareth Area School District


    • Ed.D. Educational Leadership (2007) - Indiana University of Pennsylvania
    • Letter of Eligibility (1998) - Lehigh University
    • Secondary Principal Certification (1991) - East Stroudsburg University
    • Elementary Principal Certification (1991) - East Stroudsburg University
    • M.Ed. Educational Leadership (1990) - East Stroudsburg University
    • B.S. Secondary Education (1985) - East Stroudsburg University
    • B.A. Mathematics (1985) - East Stroudsburg University

    Administrative Experience:

    • Superintendent of Schools, Nazareth Area School District (7/12 - present)
    • Assistant Superintendent for Support Services, Nazareth Area School District (1/09 - 7/12)
    • Director of Human Resources, Colonial Intermediate Unit #20 (5/07 - 1/09)
    • Superintendent of Schools, Easton Area School District (7/03 - 5/07)
    • Superintendent of Schools, Catasauqua Area School District (7/02 - 7/03)
    • Assistant Superintendent, Easton Area School District (6/99 - 7/02)
    • Middle School/High School Building Principal, Pen Argyl Area School District (7/93 - 6/99)
    • Transportation Supervisor, Pen Argyl Area School District (7/90 - 6/97)

    Teaching Experience:

    • Adjunct Professor, Delaware Valley College (2013 - present)
    • Adjunct Professor, East Stroudsburg University (2007 - present)
    • Seconday Math Teacher, Pen Argyl Area School District (9/86 - 7/93)


    I believe the success of a school district is measured by the implementation of a well-balanced instructional system that meets the educational needs of all students.  Students at all levels of development need to experience educational success through quality programs that challenge their ability and in return develop life-long learning skills.  A balanced program must take into consideration the economical demands placed on school systems and members of the school community.  Financial accountability through creative thinking and problem solving must be a priority for all school administrators.

    The following serves as a snapshot of some of the experiences I have had as an individual with 20+ years of administrative experience.
    • Strategic Planning (Pen Argyl, Easton, Catasauqua, IU20, Nazareth)
    • Middle States Process (Pen Argyl, Easton, Nazareth)
    • Organizational Structure (Pen Argyl, Easton, Catasauqua, Nazareth)
    • Content/Series Development (Pen Argyl, Easton, Catasauqua)
    • ESU Courses (Learner and the Learning Process, Foundations of Education, Secondary Curriculum Development, Professional Development, Negotiations, School Finance)
    • Proposed initial "dual-enrollment" option with NCC (Easton)
    • Developed and implemented alternative education facility for disadvantaged students (Easton)


    • Development - Building/Department (Pen Argyl, IU20), District (Easton, Catasauqua, Nazareth)
    • Serves as Superintendent for a first-round Act 72 district (Easton)


    • Extensive successful experience in fact finding, non-binding arbitration, mediation, and grievances 
    • Negotiated 32 professional contracts, support contracts, and Act 93 Agreements
    • Guest speaker on personnel issues:  Lehigh University, East Stroudsburg University, and Moravian College


    • One-to-one laptop initiative for disadvantaged students - recognized by Governor Rendell (Easton) 
    • Developed multiple lab settings for instructional and tutorial service (Pen Argyl)
    • Extensive use and development of spreadsheets for scheduling, budget development, transportation, and personnel monitoring (Pen Argyl, Easton, Catasauqua, IU20, Nazareth)
    • Development and implementation of TV studio (Pen Argyl)



    • Development and implementation of all public and non-public routes (Pen Argyl) 
    • Supervision of all transportation staff (Pen Argyl, Easton, Catasauqua, Nazareth)


    Buildings and Grounds:

    • Extensive experience with the PlanCon process with PDE (Pen Argyl, Easton, Catasauqua)
    • $281,000,000+ in building projects (Pen Argyl - $11,000,000; Easton - $175,000,000; Catasauqua - $35,000,000; Nazareth - $60,000,000)