• Teaching and Learning

    Teaching and Learning is located in District Office, One Education Plaza, Nazareth, PA 18064-2397.  To reach this department by telephone, please dial (610) 759-1170 and extension 1136.  To send a fax, please use (610) 759-1806. 
    Isabel C. Resende, Ed.D.,  Assistant Superintendent
    Noelle S. Kondikoff, Director of Elementary Teaching and Learning (Grades K-6)
    Alan Davis, Director of Secondary Teaching and Learning (Grades 7-12)
    Jennifer Allen, Administrative Assistant to Dr. Resende 
    Karen L. Schwartz, Secretary to Directors of Teaching and Learning

    Vision, Mission, and Belief Statements

    (NASD Strategic Plan)


    The Nazareth Area School District has a vision focused on excellence in student learning, which utilizes challenging curriculum, dynamic instruction, technology, the workplace, and community. Our students will become collaborative, competitive, resourceful, and constructive citizens. Our community values of responsibility, honesty, appreciation for diversity, and a strong work ethic will be central in our schools. The community, students, and teachers will work together to demonstrate life-long learning.



    It is the mission of Nazareth Area School District to provide students with a comprehensive, challenging, educational program, which includes a focus on learning, the building of character, the development of skills and competencies necessary to be successful in life and to shape the future. The program will be delivered in a safe and orderly environment and will include pre-K –12 articulated curricula, research-based classroom best practice, and the integration of technology. The district will work collaboratively with all stakeholders to efficiently and effectively use school and community resources responsibly.

    Our Beliefs 

    1.  We believe education is a lifelong process to prepare all students to become responsible, contributing citizens of an ever-changing global society.

    2. We believe instructional strategies should accomplish these goals:

             a) Recognize the diverse learning styles and needs of all students.
             b) Challenge all students to develop to their fullest potential.


    3. We believe the responsibility for education should be shared among students, parents, educators, and the community.

    4. We believe that assessment is an ongoing process which measures, reinforces, and guides instruction using a variety of methods with high expectations for all.

    5. We believe all students and staff should be provided with a safe and secure school environment.

    6. We believe that by holding students to high academic standards, they will be equipped with the necessary knowledge, communication skills, and attitudes to pursue further education and/or enter the workplace.

    7. We believe all students can learn and that learning is a shared responsibility in a community of lifelong learners.

    8. We believe in the inherent worth of every individual and that everyone in our community deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. This belief forms our standard of social conduct.

    9. We believe that the community is made up of diverse individuals living in a competitive environment working together for the betterment of the entire community.