• Pennsylvania Learning Progressions

    A learning progression is a road or pathway that students travel as they progress toward mastery of the skills needed for career and college readiness. Each road follows a route composed of a collection of building blocks that are defined by the content standards for a subject. Along the road there will be many major mile-posts; these mile-posts are the building blocks or foundational content standards (assessment anchors as defined by eligible content) students will need to master as they progress toward the mastery of more sophisticated skills. The mile-posts will show what comes before and after a particular point (eligible content) along the road. These mile-posts may not necessarily be linear, but they will articulate movement forward. Ultimately, learning progressions provide teachers with the opportunity to determine whether students have navigated successfully through the mile-posts and are able to move forward along the road to career and college readiness. The progressions further provide teachers with the opportunity to identify students who have navigated successfully beyond the mile-posts for each course and are in need of accelerated curriculum.

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