• Withdrawing from Private Tutoring


    To withdraw your student from the private tutor program at the Nazareth Area School District, send a withdrawal email to jallen@nazarethasd.org or mail a withdrawal letter to Assistant Superintendent, Isabel C. Resende, Ed.D., at Nazareth Area School District, One Education Plaza, Nazareth, PA 18064. The letter should contain the following information

    • Your child's name
    • The school where you will be enrolling your child. If you are withdrawing your child because you are moving to another school district and will continue private tutoring there, please provide the name of the school district where you will be enrolling in the Private Tutor Program
    • Enrollment date for your child in the new school


    Once your letter has been received, we will contact the new school to confirm your child’s enrollment. Once this is confirmed, we will send the new school a letter indicating your child’s former private tutor status and our understanding that he or she is now enrolled at that school.


    If you are withdrawing your student to enroll in a charter school or cyber school, you still need to complete this withdrawal process.


    If you are withdrawing your student to enroll in a Nazareth Area School District school, you can begin the enrollment process by completing the online portion of registration which can be accessed via the district website or this link. At the end of the online registration, you will be able to book an appointment to complete the registration process in person at the District Offices.