• Standards-Based Grading

    The Nazareth Area School District uses a standards-based report card for K–6.  Our K-6 Report Card provides families with information about children’s progress toward Pennsylvania State Standards.  In addition, it defines the expectations for mastery on grade-specific skills and knowledge.  The report card identifies areas of strength and goals to assist teachers and families in supporting students.


    The purpose of standards-based grading is to raise student achievement by clearly communicating a student’s progress toward learning outcomes in a timely, fair, accurate, and specific manner.  The Nazareth Area School District in K-6 developed the following global performance descriptors in a Standards-Based Report Card, there are four Performance De­scriptors:


    4:    Student is exceeding grade level expectations at this time.

    3+: Student meets expectations with increased understanding and application.

    3:    Student consistently meets grade-level expectations by understanding and applying concepts.

    2+:  Student demonstrates increased consistency in understanding and/or application.

    2:    Student is progressing toward meeting grade-level expectations, but is inconsistent in understanding and applying concepts.

    1:    Student shows minimal progress toward understanding and applying concepts.


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