Group I - Board-approved, school district-sponsored extracurricular, co-curricular, and athletic activities.

    Examples:  NASD Athletics, NASD Music Department, NASD Teacher Meetings


    Group II - School Affiliated Organizations (SAO), defined as those organizations that utilize the name of the school district or any of its schools or programs and directly affect curricular or extracurricular programs operated by the school.

    Examples: NASD PTAs/PTOs, NASD Athletics Booster Clubs


    Group III – Non-profit, school-age athletic leagues, with 85% of participants being residents in the Nazareth Area School District.

    Examples: Nazareth Clippers, Nazareth Midget Wrestling Club, Blue Eagle Basketball


    Group IV - Non-profit civic, service, or athletic organizations offering educational, cultural, or recreational enrichment activities for District students.

    Examples:  Colonial Intermediate Unit 20, Girl Scouts/Boy Scouts, Lehigh Valley

    Academy, Public School Districts

    Group V - All other organizations and individuals permitted to use District facilities. Examples:  Dance Studios, Non-District Performance Groups


    *Group IV is responsible for 75% of all rental fees

    **Group V is responsible for 100% of all rental fees