• Educational Technology
    Educational Technology is located in District Office, One Education Plaza, Nazareth, PA 18064-2397.  To reach this department by telephone, please dial (610) 759-1170 and extension 1136.  To send a fax, please use (610) 759-8907.
    Isabel C. Resende, Ed.D., Assistant Superintendent
    Mark J. Madson, Ed.D.,  Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Education and Support Services
    Noelle S. Kondikoff,  Director of Elementary Education and Educational Technology (Grades K-6)
    Michael W. Uelses, Director of  Information Technology
    John D. Eates, Assistant Director of Information Technology
    Michael F. Fahey, Senior Application/Network Administrator
    Shawn-Kimberly Kocher, Technology Integration Specialist
    Melissa M. Whitman, Technology Integration Specialist
    Brian J. Scholl, Technology Integration Specialist
    Sharon Strausser, Technology Integration Specialist
    Karen L. Schwartz, Administrative Assistant to Educational Technology and Curriculum Departments
    Belinda Nair-Monek, Data Entry Assistant
    Ellen N. Kish, Data Entry Assistant
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    Research shows that it is not the use of technology, but the use of effective technologies that makes the difference in student performance. Towards that end, the department is committed to implementing proven, research-driven technologies that provide:
    • Engaged student learning experiences
    • Quality content aligned to the PA academic standards
    • Differentiated instructional opportunities so students' needs are met at an appropriate learning style and pace
    We are also focused on providing staff with quality professional development opportunities that improve their ability to successfully integrate technology in the classroom.