•  Congratulations to Mrs. Charlene Stapert, Secretary to the Shafer Elementary School Principal. Mrs. Stapert has seamlessly transitioned from a 10-month secretary to a 12-month secretary at Shafer. Charlene is friendly and able to communicate with everyone. Attention to detail, problem-solving, and good organizational skills are essential for maintaining an orderly school office environment. She is comfortable working with little oversight and can stay calm in chaotic environments or situations. According to Mr. Mudlock, Charlene is helpful, proactive, and an excellent problem solver. She creates a positive office environment that is welcoming and friendly. He is lucky to have her as his 12-month secretary.


    When asked, here are a few things staff members had to say about Charlene:

    ·       “Always with a smile, Charlene is kind and polite to everyone who enters the building.”

    ·       “Charlene has been an amazing part of our Shafer family since she started. She is kind and compassionate, always willing to go out of her way to fix the copier, find a missing piece of paper, or make a phone call. She has the patience of a saint!”

    ·       “Charlene has helped me more times than I could ever count! Her willingness to help and never complain about anything is a blessing!”

    ·       “It is uplifting to walk into school every day and be greeted with Charlene's smile and positive attitude!  She cares tremendously for the students and staff and goes above and beyond, always offering to help others.”

    ·       “What I love most about Charlene is that she always makes it a point to ask about things outside of school - showing how much she cares about us individually.”  


    Mrs. Stapert began as a substitute secretary in the Nazareth Area School District in 2008. Before accepting the 12-month secretary position at Shafer Elementary School in May 2022, she served as the building’s 10-month secretary since April 2014. Charlene and her husband, Jeff, live in Tatamy, PA. She has two sons, David and Drew. David works in the NASD Information Technology (IT) department, and Drew attends Temple University. Charlene attended Notre Dame High School and went to Millersville University, earning a Bachelor's degree in Human Resources. Her hobbies include walking, exercising, listening to music, going to the movies, baking, and reading. On behalf of myself, the Administration, and the Board of School Directors, I would like to thank Charlene for her hard work, calm demeanor, dependability, and friendly attitude.