Transportation Guidelines 

    As safety is a major concern of the District’s Transportation Department and Jennings Transportation Corporation, all parties must cooperate to develop proper bus riding behaviors. Guidelines for developing and promoting safety include, but are not limited to, the following:


    1. It is expected that the student be at his/her assigned bus stop ten (10) minutes before the scheduled departure times as the driver must maintain a rigid schedule and cannot wait for tardy riders. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to assist in having their child(ren) arrive safely to the bus stop and remain safe while waiting for the bus to arrive.


    2. Students are to get on and off their assigned bus at their designated bus stop. Parents requesting that their child(ren) be allowed to get off the bus at a different stop or for permission for their child(ren) to ride a bus other than the one assigned, must submit a request, in writing, to the building principal (or designee), at least one day in advance, when possible. Acceptable reasons for such requests are:
    • If the student’s parents are out of town
    • If the parents are working late and notify the building Administration
    • In case of an emergency

    Spending the evening at a friend’s house, going to a dance, going to work, or doing school projects/homework elsewhere are not legitimate reasons.


    3. Childcare stops are permitted for students K-8 only. Childcare stops must be located within the attendance boundaries of the school which your child is enrolled and will be assigned on a bus route.


    4. When boarding the bus, all students are to wait until the approaching school bus comes to a complete stop. A single line should then be formed and students are to enter the bus one at a time. If students need to cross the street to board the bus, they are to wait for the driver to motion for them to cross when the driver indicates it is safe.


    5. Once inside the bus, all students are to immediately take their seats and are to remain seated until reaching their destination. After the bus has made a complete stop at their designated stop, students may leave their seats.


    6. When exiting the bus, all students must exercise caution in following the directions of the driver.


    7. Only the bus driver may give permission to open and close the windows as she/he deems necessary. When windows are open for ventilation, hands, arms, and heads are to remain inside the bus windows. Nothing may be thrown out the windows.


    8. Only students with assigned bus stops may ride the bus to and from school.


    9. Eating, drinking, gum/tobacco chewing, and/or smoking are prohibited on the bus.


    10. Rules of courtesy should be followed at all times.


    11. A Bus Conduct Report will be issued when the bus drivers deem necessary. Disciplinary action will be initiated by the building Administration and will be communicated to the parents.