• Ms. Melissa Kalinoski was raised in Bristol, RI and moved to Nazareth, PA in 2002. She was appointed to the Nazareth School Board in 2016 to represent Region II, Upper Nazareth Eastern and Lower Nazareth. She served as School Board Vice President in 2018, 2022, and 2023.  In addition, Ms. Kalinoski serves as chairperson of the Personnel and Technology committees. She is also a member of the Transportation committee.


    Since her initial appointment to the school board, Ms. Kalinoski has been a strong voice and advocate for teachers, students, and parents. She values and cares deeply about children's well-being and works hard to ensure that all children receive the best education and access to resources.


    Currently, Ms. Kalinoski is a stay-at-home mom. Previously she worked as a Mental Health Clinician for 4 years at KidsPeace Children’s Hospital in Orefield, as well as a mental health caseworker, a therapeutic staff support worker, and a mental health after-school support worker.


    As a concerned and dedicated citizen of Nazareth, Ms. Kalinoski has demonstrated a commitment to the community. Her dedication to the Nazareth community is reflected in her current and past involvement with several community organizations. She is currently in her third year as the social media coordinator and webmaster for the Nazareth Area Baseball and Softball Association. She is in her second year serving as the social media coordinator and webmaster for Nazareth Blue Eagles Basketball. In addition, she currently maintains the scorebooks for both baseball and basketball.  Ms. Kalinoski has served 12 years in various capacities from president, vice president, secretary, and webmaster for the Nazareth Clippers/Upper Nazareth Clippers, previously coached soccer, has been a team mom, and has performed many other tasks for youth sports. Ms. Kalinkoski is a member of the Parent Teacher Association and has been volunteering in the schools since 2009.


    Ms. Kalinoski is happily married to Thomas Kalinoski and recently celebrated their 20-year anniversary.  They have two wonderful children, Preston and Parker. Ms. Kalinoski enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, exercising, and completing puzzles.


    When asked what she is most proud of as a board member, Ms. Kalinoski stated, “I am most proud that I am a part of making a difference in the lives of the children and the community of Nazareth.”