• Developmental Services
      Classroom Guidance
      Routine Health Screenings
      Career Exploration
      Parent Workshops and Information
    • Assessment and Intervention Services
      Progress Monitoring
      Response to Instruction & Intervention (RTII)
      Research-based Interventions
      Referrals to Community Agencies
      Multi-disciplinary Evaluations
      Special Education Services
      Chapter 15/504 Accommodation Plans
    • Other Services
      Child Accounting (w/Business Office)
      Student Records and Transcripts
    • School Counseling
      Comprehensive, Developmental K-l 2 Program
      Career/Educational Counseling
      Personal/Social Short-term Counseling
      Collaboration with Community Agencies
      Crisis Intervention Counseling
      School Counselors
    • Health Services
      Certified School Nurses
      Associate Nurses (RNs/LPNs)
      Primary and Preventive Health Service
      Health Counseling
      Disease Prevention and Control
      Periodic Screening Tests and Services
      Child/Family Advocates for Health Care
      Individual Health Plans (lHPs)
    • School Psychologists
      Lead Multidisciplinary Evaluation Process
      Crisis Intervention/Consultation
      Classroom Behavioral Consultations
      Collaboration with Community Agencies
      Consultation for special education programs, parents and students
    • Student Assistance Program (SAP)
      Identification of At-Risk Students
      Deal with Alcohol/Drug Use Issues
      Suicide/Mental Health Issues
      Effective Referral Process (Staff, Peers, Parents and Self-Referrals)
      Parent Education Programs
    • Gifted Support Program
      Enrichment and challenge activities K-12 Programming
    • English for Speakers of Other languages (ESOL)
      Helps students learn English as quickly as possible
      Strives for academic and English proficiency