• School Counseling Mission Statement girl
    The mission of the Nazareth Area School District’s School Counseling Program is to establish a comprehensive and integrated counseling program that focuses on learning, builds character, and develops skills and competencies necessary to be successful in life. This program will facilitate the academic, career, and personal/social development of all students in grades K-12. The school counselors are professional school advocates who provide support to maximize school potential and academic achievement. We believe that the school counseling program is an integral part of the total education process.

    School Counseling Program Description

    The Nazareth Area School District school counseling program is a collaborative effort benefiting students, parents, teachers, administrators, and the overall community. As an integral part of the students’ daily educational environment, the school counselors provide support and assistance to all students in developing academic, career, and personal/social strengths. In order to implement this program, school counselors employ a variety of methods and activities accommodating varying rates of development among students.

    School counselors coordinate a school-wide program for all students by organizing around four primary program components. Counselors have expertise in each of the program components, but it is the counseling function ( responsive services component) for which the school counselors have received special training. The other components, counseling curriculum, individual planning, and system support, require ownership and collaboration among the entire school staff. The student-centered program provides appropriate instruction and assistance at each grade level.

    Crisis Prevention

    The following telephone numbers are provided by the Nazareth Area School District Counselors. The Counselors are available to any student who would like help dealing with difficult situations including drug and/or alcohol abuse, family problems and/or depression.

    Valley Wide Help Information and Referral Lines


    National Institute on Drug Abuse


    Alcoholics Anonymous




    Overeaters Anonymous


    Contact your school’s guidance counselor:
    JoshuaGridleyKenneth N. Butz Jr. Elementary School610-759-1118 x 5006


    Lower Nazareth Elementary  School610-759-7311 x 6204
    MichelleWarrenFloyd R. Shafer Elementary School610-759-5228x 4203
    TammyDrugatzNazareth Area Intermediate School484-292-1111x 3006tdrugatz@nazarethasd.org
    ChristopherMamanaNazareth Area Intermediate School484-292-1111x 3005cmamana@nazarethasd.org
    MichelleFamularoNazareth Area Middle School610-759-2250x 8013
    LeeBauderNazareth Area Middle School610-759-2250x 8014lbauder@nazarethasd.org
    Pamela Amato Nazareth Area High School610-759-1730 x 2315 pamato@nazarethasd.org
    SuzanneAnglemyerNazareth Area High School610-759-1730 x 2314 sanglemyer@nazarethasd.org
    Vickie Celin Nazareth Area High School610-759-1730 x 2306 vcelin@nazarethasd.org
    Lauren   WoodallNazareth Area High School610-759-1730 x 2315 lwoodall@nazarethasd.org
    SusanWalshNazareth Area High School610-759-1730x 2312swalsh@nazarethasd.org
    Kristy Hall Nazareth Area High School610-759-1730 x 2313 khall@nazarethasd.org