• Gifted Education Mission Statement gifted1

    The Nazareth Area School District is committed to providing the mentally gifted students with a flexible and comprehensive program that allows students to develop knowledge and skills to the highest possible level. All district personnel will provide an instructional environment that challenges and supports the cognitive, academic, creative, social, and emotional needs of gifted students to become life-long learners and leaders.
    Vision Statement

    The Gifted Program of The Nazareth Area School District promotes critical thinking, problem-solving, and research skills which facilitate creative processes to prepare students to be successful leaders in their communities.


    gifted2In compliance with state law, services designed to meet the unique needs of gifted students are provided. Students are identified individually based on guidelines and regulations embodied in state law under Chapter 16, and those students who possess superior intelligence scores or meet multiple criteria indicating gifted ability may receive services. School counselors screen students on multiple criteria using a brief measure of cognitive functioning, a standardized gifted rating scale completed by the teacher, and teacher and parent input. Students who score high enough on the screening meet with the school psychologist who considers the information obtained at the screening level and administers a measure of cognitive functioning, standardized reading and math achievement measures, and additional teacher input.


    The gifted program provides opportunities for identified students to develop skills for independent learning, to generate new ideas and projects, and to interact with their intellectual peers.  Identified gifted students will meet with the teacher of the gifted during scheduled meeting times. The teacher of the gifted will also be working with classroom teachers to extend the curriculum.  Students who have been identified as gifted by another school district in Pennsylvania qualify for the program in the Nazareth Area School District. Children moving into the Nazareth Area School District from outside the state are evaluated according to the district’s criteria.


    Referrals can be made at any time during the school year, but only one referral per child per calendar year is permitted. Any questions about the screening and identification process should be directed to Pamela Vlasaty, Director of Pupil Services, 610-759-1170 or e-mail pvlasaty@nazarethasd.org.

    Contact the teacher of the gifted at your student’s school: 

    Alton Mann

    Kenneth N. Butz, Jr. Elementary School

    Lower Nazareth Elementary School

    610-759-1118 ext. 5231

    610-759-7311 ext. 6314

    Leslie Collins

    Floyd R. Shafer Elementary School

    Nazareth Area Intermediate School

    610-759-5228 ext. 4223

    484-292-1111 ext. 3318

    Harriette Saviello Nazareth Area Intermediate School 484-292-1111 ext. 3304 hsaviello@nazarethasd.org
    Glenn  Oberman Nazareth Area Middle School 610-759-3350 ext. 8138 goberman@nazarethasd.org
    Jennifer Paukovitch Nazareth Area High School 610-759-1730 ext. 2399 jpaukovitch@nazarethasd.org
    Lindsay Hoff Nazareth Area High School 610-759-1730 ext. 2381 lhoff@nazarethasd.org