• Grades 9-12 Art


    Through the study, production, and exhibition of art, students discover that art is an integral part of life. Art teaches students to think critically and creatively in an increasingly global and visual society while preparing students for careers and challenges of the 21st century. Art encourages students to relate visual knowledge to other core subjects through problem solving and creative thinking.


    The philosophy of the Art Department is to provide a comprehensive exploration of art for all individuals by providing a wide variety of art classes. Some classes are geared toward the student who has an interest but not necessarily experience in art, such as How to Draw and Introduction to Sculpture. Other classes are geared toward students developing their artistic skills possibly with an interest in continuing their education in art, such as the upper levels of Art, Crafts, and Photography. All classes explore art history, art criticism, and aesthetics, in addition to art making.


    Grading is based on a variety of technical and creative criteria including: aesthetic and critical contributions, quizzes, tests, projects, and sketches, etc. All classes will have some assignments requiring out of class time, including the completion of class projects and the collection of supplies. Due to the nature of an art class, it is understood that the student will make up missed class time in a timely manner. All classes have a final exam; full-credit classes also have a midterm. To progress from one art class to the next, such as Photography Studio I to Photography Studio II, a student should maintain a C average in the class overall (70%). Please note that many classes require the purchase of supplies or a class fee for supplies.