• Grades 9-12 Health & Physical Education


    The philosophy of the Health and Physical Education Department is to prepare all students with a variety of diverse movement experiences that will lead to an active and healthy lifestyle.



    This is a required course designed to be taken be every student during either their freshman or sophomore year. This course meets every other day for one-semester. The health curriculum includes the following units: wellness, heart disease, stroke, cancer, accidents first aid, mental health, tobacco, alcohol, CPR, fitness and sexuality. Each student will have the opportunity to become certified in CPR. Grading is based on quizzes, tests, homework, and class projects.


    Physical Education

    This is a required course every year grades 9-12. The courses meet every other day for one-semester. The course provides a variety of individual and team activities to develop motor skills and social interaction. Life-long cardiovascular fitness and strength development are an integral part of the everyday class. Grading is based on participation, quizzes, fitness tests and most importantly effort and attitude.