• Grades 9-12 Family Consumer Science


    The philosophy of the Family and Consumer Science Department is to empower students across the lifespan to manage the challenges of living and working in a diverse global society with a unique focus on families, home, work and their interrelationships. Through our courses, it is assumed that students will acquire knowledge in wise consumerism, good nutrition and health, satisfying relationships, child development, human growth through the lifecycle, interior design and clothing and textiles. In addition, FCS courses teach valuable skills such as parenting, effective communication, money management, improving aesthetics, clothing construction techniques, and optimum nutrition through effective meal planning.


    The courses in FCS are based on learning real life skills and knowledge, which is then applied through real world application or projects. Typically the courses in our department fall under 5 different categories. These categories include:


    1. Child Development

    •  Children: The Early years
    •  Working with Children

    2. Foods and Nutrition

    •  Discovering Foods
    •  Culinary Arts
    •  Sports Nutrition
    •  Culinary Creations

    3. Clothing Construction

    •  Clothing Construction
    •  Fashion Design

    4. Interior Design

    •  Interior Design

    5. Personal Development / Exploration

    •  Intro to FCS
    •  Adult Living


    Grading for our courses is based on point value, with projects, tests, homework, labs, etc. receiving a variety of points based on length, difficulty, time to complete, etc. Mid-term exams and final exams are given in all courses except for 1/2 credit courses. In addition, it is expected that students have some level of interest in the class they have elected and are prepared for class with textbook, notebook, pen/pencil and any other necessary supplies. Please note that many classes require the purchase of supplies or a class fee for supplies.