• Grades 9-12 Music


    The Music Department offers a wide variety of classes. Music courses at the high school are geared toward performing music, learning to play music or learning about music.


    Learning to Perform Music

    Band, Chorus, and Orchestra are open to all students. The Block of Rock, Nightingales, and Men’s Ensemble classes are by audition only. All performance classes require students to perform concerts outside of the school day.


    Learning to Play Music

    The high school offers three levels of classes in piano and guitar. Students with no previous music background can begin with the level one course. Students who already have some background on the instrument or with music in general, may start at a higher level with approval from the instructor.


    Learning about Music

    The music department offers courses in music theory, technology and industry. The music theory courses begin by teaching students the basics of how music works. This basic knowledge leads into the composition of music. The music technology courses teach students various technologies that are used in the creation and recording of music. The music industry course focuses on non-performance careers in music.