• Grades 9-12 Technology Education


    Technology Education is an educational program that helps students develop an understanding and competence in designing, producing, and using technology products and systems, and in assessing the appropriateness of technological actions. Technology Education also includes the study of tools and techniques (technology) and is an intellectual and applied discipline just as the study of life systems or the study of mathematics. Technology Education includes graphic and digital communications, engineering, transportation, material processing, electronics and the study of their multiple impacts in different areas. We believe the study of technology should be a required core of a general education for all students due to its rapid change and overall influence on every aspect of our lives.


    All Technology Education courses meet for one semester every other day for 85 minutes and are worth .5 (half) credit. The exception is Television Production II, which meets all year every other day for 85 minutes and is worth 1 (one) credit.