• Grades 9-12 World Language


    The philosophy of the World Language Department is to provide a comprehensive program that engages students as active and thoughtful participants in a global society through the development of understanding of other cultures through the study of history, geography, semantics and customs. The following skills will be enhanced and developed in the target language: speaking, listening, reading, writing, research and analysis.


    The NAHS World Language Department offers Spanish I-IV and AP, German I-V and French I-IV. Level III of each language is considered a College Prep course, while level IV and V are Honors courses. Grading is based on the student’s fulfillment of lesson criteria, homework, class work, projects, quizzes, tests and various reading, writing, speaking and listening activities. All classes have a mid-term and final exam. Each course is worth 1 credit. It is strongly recommended students have demonstrated proficiency in their English course. In addition, students should achieve a minimum of a 75% in each prerequisite course before moving on to the next level.